Best Brands for Essential Oils

Essentials oils are very beneficial for many problems and are very effective in their performance. These essential oils are very pure and highly concentrated which are to be diluted first then are ready for the user. Almost all types of expensive essential oils are available in the market, and every oil has its benefits and features. Many companies in the market are selling oils and claim that their oils are very pure and are obtained from the natural plants. There are no set standards for the purity of oils in the market, and every company is selling their own.

The pure oils mean that have nothing added to them are not contaminated. As the chemicals are very harmful to the body and are not effective. The brands in the market are increasing day by day because of the extra demand of these oils as people believe them and use them for their advantages. Before purchasing essential oil from the market, the consumers keep in mind different factors that are price, quality, service, reputation and purity as well so that their decision can be right.
The following are top 10 best brands for essential oils in the market:

10. Kis Oils:

List of Top Ten Best Brands for Essential OilsKis Oils is a brand that is famous for providing high-quality products in the market from the day they started their business. The bottling facility of this brand works in Brooklyn in America. They claim to provide best and reliable products to their all customers and if the customer is not satisfied with the product they can send it back to the company and claim their refund. Their prices are very reasonable which is their strong feature. They don’t have their own farms etc. but they purchase different plants and trees from other farms and their marketing strategies are very attractive.

9. Healing Solutions Essential Oils:

Top Ten Best Brands for Essential OilsQuality is the main and most important feature on which this brand focuses. They offer a wide range of oils in the market for the people. Their oils, when reviewed from the users, have some pros while cons as well. They prefer dealing directly with their customers, and their prices are also very low. The customer service of this brand is very excellent, and customers can return the products within 7 days of purchase date. They do not offer the therapeutic oils on the market.

8. Fabulous Frannie Essential Oils:

Top Ten Brands for Essential OilsFabulous Frannie started their business in the market with the aim of providing the best and pure essential oils to the users. They are in a relationship with the big brands for the outsourcing of their oils. Their products are 100% pure and are not diluted with some other material or oils. They also provide different certificates to their oils after conducting tests for the reliability of the product.

7. Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oil:

Top 10 Best Brands for Essential OilsMountain Rose Herbs is a very old brand that is working in this field since 1987 and has a strong marketplace as well. Their all oils are organic and certified which are made for the demands of their customers by different researches. They provide oils in bulk and in small quantities that are also available on online stores like Amazon etc. This brand has the return facility for almost 60 days after purchase. They have reasonable prices and offer almost 111 kinds of different essential oils.

6. Plant Therapy Essential Oils:

List of Top 10 Best Brands for Essential OilsPlant Therapy Essential Oils is considered as the 100% pure which are of best and high quality. Their oils are always available to the top supplier operating in the world. They guarantee 100% satisfaction of their customers. Their all oils tested in the laboratories by the 3rd party for proper reliability. They provide free shipping of their products to their customers and have not a much wide range of products with them. They don’t have their farms.

5. Aura Cacia Essential Oils:

Top Five Best Brands for Essential OilsAura Cacia considers that essential oils are the perfect gift from nature that must be taken in their best form. The company started its business in 1982 and still producing the best essential oils in the market. Their products are of best quality and best for the customer satisfaction. They have replacement or exchange facility to their customer for 60 days. They have further 89 brands working under the parent brand.

4. Now Foods Essential Oils:

Top 5 Best Brands for Essential OilsNow Foods essential oils started their business in the field of natural food in 1948. They are working from Chicago and also producing high-class products for the personal care. The quality of their products are very high class and has their farms in which producing different plants to get the best and pure oils for their customers. Their prices are also very low and the fragrances introduced in the oils are very appealing for the people.

3. Edens Garden Essential Oils:

Top Three Best Brands for Essential OilsEdens Garden is one of the most famous essential oils brands in the world which provides the best quality and fresh oils to their customers. They started working in this field in 2009 from California. It is the brand which is not compromising on the quality of their products. Their oils are packed in attractive glass bottles. All oils by this brand are 100% pure and have a combination with some other oils. Their products can be replaced within 30 days of purchase date.

2. DoTERRA Essential Oils:

Top 3 Best Brands for Essential OilsDoTERRA is the brand that started its business in 2008 and to provide the purest oils to their customers. Their products are of best quality and if their customers are dissatisfied they can return the product and get their 100% refund. Their products are expensive than some other brands available in the market. They have their research center for the continuous research for making best products. Customers have to pay $35 for the membership to get the best products of this brand.

1. Young Living Essential Oils:

Best Brand for Essential OilsYoung Living essential oils are the brand that was started in 1993. Their all products are guaranteed and have a large range of oils. They have their farms and cultivate different crops with new methods. Their products are best in the market. They also have their websites for the chats, queries, etc.

Top 10 Best Brands for Essential Oils – Ranking

Sr.No. Names
1 Young Living Essential Oil
2 DoTERRA Essential Oil
3 Edens Garden Essential Oil
4 Now Foods Essential Oil (NOW)
5 Aura Cacia Essential Oils
6 Plant Therapy Essential Oils
7 Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils
8 Fabulous Frannie Essential Oils
9 Healing Solutions Essential Oils
10 Kis Oils


The Above ranking of top 10 best brands for essential oils is given according to the quality of the products and the reviews taken from their users. All these brands are producing the best and pure oils for the people. Some of them are very expensive while some are cheap so consumers can choose the best one according to your budget.

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