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List of Most Expensive Crowns in the World

List of Most Expensive Crowns in the World

There are many things that are always associated with the royal families and always used for them as well. Crowns are always linked with Queens and wreaths complete the whole look of the queens as crowns are the most important thing in the look of the queen. The royal queens need perfect and luxurious wreaths that are made with expensive and precious stones to show their wealth and status to the whole world. The price of these expensive crowns cannot be explained because they are priceless and are out of the world in terms of their beauty. But some of the crowns are mentioned with their prices and are named as the most expensive crowns of the world. Crowns are not only associated with the queens but also in some major competitions ladies are embraced with the crowns that are very expensive as well as Miss World, Miss Universe, etc. These crowns are mostly designed by the famous jewelry designers to make them more famous and luxurious in the world. These crowns are made from pure gold and are further enhanced with expensive diamonds and stones as well to complete their look and make them more luxurious.
The following are top 5 most expensive and best crowns in the world:

5. The Czech Republic:

Top Five Most Expensive Crowns in the WorldThe Czech Republic is the wreath that is associated with the Saint Wenceslas. It was designed and made in 1347 and was the part of the Czech Treasure. It is also commonly known as Bohemian Crown Jewels. In the whole treasure, the most expensive thing was this diadem that was very expensive. Czech Republic was made up of 22k gold and was further studded with the rubies, pearls, emeralds and many other precious stones as well. In this wreath, almost 20 emeralds and 19 luxurious sapphires were used. It is preferred to place vertically to show the complete look of the wreath and more luxurious look.

4. Denmark:

Top 5 Most Expensive Crowns in the WorldNext in the list is the luxurious Crown of Denmark. It is more famous in the world because of its strong historical background and the stunning look as well. The Danish treasure has almost 3 precious crowns, flask, and a sword as well, and the treasure was found in about 1551 which mean this crown is very old. Denmark wreath was designed by Didrik Fyren and was completed in 1596. It is made up of gold and further enhanced with pearls and luxury stones as well. It also has expensive diamonds on it to make it more luxurious and expensive one. It is considered as the best symbol of the royal culture and power as well. The diamonds in this wreath are specially cut for this crown that enhanced its look much more.

3. Bavaria:

Top Three Most Expensive Crowns in the WorldBavaria is the oldest place of Europe and gained a title of the kingdom in 1806. On this special occasion, the King of Bavaria was wearing an expensive wreath. The crown of the king was studded with the diamonds, emeralds, pearls and rubies as well. It was also enhanced with the Wittelsbach diamond that made it more luxurious. It is said that this beautiful diadem cannot be put into money, but still the total price of this crown was estimated to be almost $17 million.

2. Austria:

Top 3 Most Expensive Crowns in the WorldThe Austrian crown is the most important one that is kept in the place called Vienna. This beautiful crown was worn by the Roman Emperor and after that Emperor of Austria wore this crown and was the best royal collection ever exists in the world. The emperor of the Austria wore this crown in 1806 and was in history because of its stones. In these royal jewels not only there was a crown but also across, ring and orb as well. It also has the 36k Wittelsbach diamonds, and the price of this crown is estimated to be almost $18 million which is an expensive high price for a crown.

1. United Kingdom The Crown Jewel:

Most Expensive Crown in the WorldThe most expensive crown in the world is United Kingdom Crown Jewel. This crown was worn by the royal family of United Kingdom and was very expensive as well. The total jewels of this were rings, swords, orb and many other things as well. It is the very beautiful crown and the price of this crown was estimated to be almost $39 million. But now it is considered priceless because of its beauty.


Top Five Most Expensive Crowns in the World

Sr.No. Names
1 United Kingdom The Crown Jewel
2 Austria
3 Bavaria
4 Denmark
5 Czech Republic


The above ranking of the most expensive crowns in the world is given according to a price of these crowns in the world. All of these crowns are very beautiful and are studded with expensive diamonds and stones as well. These crowns are normally worn by the people of royal families to maintain their status, and these crowns are not affordable for everyone because of their high prices.