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Top 10 Ice Cream Sandwiches in the World

Top 10 Ice Cream Sandwiches in the World

There are different food items which are quite appealing for the people. Most of the people in the world are food lovers and wanted to try different things in life. A large variety of food items are available which differ according to the culture of different countries. Most of the people are aware of the name of ice cream sandwich which is available at different restaurants.

Ice cream sandwich is made from the chocolate vanilla sandwich which is served between the brownies. It looks like sandwich and is served with the scoop of creamy ice cream of different flavors according to the choice of people. It is said that ice cream sandwiches are available in the markets in different forms which are beyond the expectations of people.
The following are top 10 ice cream sandwiches ever available in the whole world:

10. The Chocolate Room:

List of Top Ten Best Ice Cream Sandwiches in the WorldThe Chocolate Room is the restaurant which is located in the Park Slope area. It served the ice cream sandwich with the name of Banana run ice cream on chocolate at the price of $4. It offers ice cream sandwiches in different line which includes pudding, chocolate cakes, and custard. This sandwich is very crispy and works perfectly with the soft ice cream. It is mostly served with the strawberry ice cream and also peanut butter cookies. It is named as the best dessert to be tried there which is totally worth it.

9. Jacques Torres:

Top Ten Best Ice Cream Sandwiches in the WorldJacques Torres is the place which is located in Manhattan and provides a large number of desserts to the people which also includes ice cream sandwich. It offers it with a large number of ice cream flavors which includes strawberry and chocolates which are served with roasted bananas. It is served with its signature chocolate chip cookies which are quite crispy and crunchy one and provides amazing taste. It is available there by the name of Strawberry ice cream on chocolate chip cookie at the price of $5.

8. How sweet it is:

 Top Ten Best Ice Cream SandwichesHow Sweet it is the only place which offers ice cream sandwich in different sizes which are mini and regular one according to the needs of people. Their sandwiches are made with the homemade cookies which are two thin coconut macaroons served with the filling of ice cream and are very famous there with the pistachio flavor. It is available in two prices according to the size which is $3 and $6.

7. Lord and Taylor`s Signature Café:

Top 10 Best Ice Cream Sandwiches in the WorldLord and Taylor`s Signature cafe is also the one which is located at the classic departmental store of Manhattan on its 6th floor. The most amazing thing about their ice cream sandwich is that it changes its flavor every day which is mainly strawberry on vanilla cake available on Monday and changes with the days. It has a tower of ice cream pressed tightly in the crispy cake which is then chilled to provide the amazing taste at the price of $5.95 which is totally worth it to have a delicious taste.

6. Milk and Cookies:

List of Top 10 Best Ice Cream Sandwiches in the WorldMilk and Cookies are basically a cookie shop located in the West Village. It offers an amazing ice cream sandwich which is made with the mint chocolate and is filled with the soft cookies which are served warm right from the oven and is completely worth it to eat once. It also offers the facility to customers to craft their sandwich according to their taste. The price of this delicious sandwich is almost $4.50 which is not very expensive but makes the people addicted to it.

5. One Girl Cookie:

Top Five Best Ice Cream Sandwiches in the WorldOne Girl Cookies is very attractive bakery which is known for different most delicious foods and mainly desserts. It offers an ice cream sandwich which is made from a cake with the filling of chocolate and ricotta gelato scoop in it which then becomes the delicious combination in it. It is perfect packed in the parchment wrapper and is sold at the much affordable price of $3.50 which is not an expensive option.

4. L`arte Gel Gelato:

Top 5 Best Ice Cream Sandwiches in the WorldL`arte Gel Gelato has located a few blocks away from Otto but is very famous one, and its owners are proud of their amazing products. They are known for providing luxurious flavors which include chocolate, banana, pistachio which are unmatched in their sandwiches. It is said to be the perfect food item either for breakfast or lunch. It provides two different flavors of ice cream at a time in their sandwich and is sold at the high price of $6.50 as compared to other competitors.

3. Otto:

Top Three Best Ice Cream Sandwiches in the WorldOtto is the restaurant which is located in the West Village. It is mainly famous for its gelato sandwich which provides the opportunity to choose a flavor of your choice. It provides a perfect quantity of sandwich which can easily satisfy the appetite of the person. Its flavors keep on changing with the season and currently offering the unique flavors which are creme Fraiche with peppermint chocolate chip. The price of their sandwich is estimated to be $3.50. It has a very tempting look and attract people towards it.

2. Bierkraft:

Top 3 Best Ice Cream Sandwiches in the WorldBierkraft is the place which offers amazing ice cream sandwich which is served with fudgy chocolate brownies. It is made with the cherry blondies of dark chocolate gelato and also brownie with peanut butter. It has a delicious taste. It has a large sandwich, and a single person can be full after eating it. It is available at the price of $4.95 and is completely worth it because of its amazing taste.

1. Ronny Brook Farm Dairy:

Best Ice Cream Sandwiches in the WorldRonny Brook Farm Diary is the place which is located in Chelsea Market. It provides farm fresh ice cream to the people in different desserts. Their ice cream sandwich is named as the best one in the whole world because of the combination of hazelnut and the ginger creme Brule in it. It is served in chocolate chip cookies which are assemble on the spot after ordering it. It comes in the frozen condition which provides amazing taste to it.

Ice Cream Sandwiches in the World – Most Liked

Sr.No. Name Price
1 Ronny brook Farm Dairy $ 3.50
2 Bierkraft $ 4.95
3 Otto $ 3.50
4 L`arte Gel Gelato $ 6.50
5 One Girl Cookie $ 3.50
6 Milk and Cookies $ 4.50
7 Lord and Taylor`s Signature Cafe $ 5.95
8 How sweet it is $ 6
9 Jacques Torres $ 5
10 The chocolate Room $ 4


Ice Cream Sandwich is quite an amazing dessert which is available in different flavors. Its taste enhanced with different ingredients which provide delicious and unique touch to each one of them. It is available at different places located all around the world. Each one of them is offering it with different ingredients to make their product unique from the competitors. These sandwiches are also not very expensive but are completely worth it to try them once to get this amazing experience.