Most Expensive Pickup Trucks

Trucks have a high level of performance and durability. They are the workhorses of every automaker’s fleet. Most people who use a truck do so for hauling and towing purposes, sacrificing convenience for sheer utility and power. Many trucks nowadays, however, include all of the amenities of current high-end automobile design without compromising the power and usefulness of their harsher, offroad designs. Premium TV and audio systems, smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity, luxurious interiors, and rare metals may all be found in modern trucks. Trucks may have the same level of luxury as supercars.

List of the Most Expensive Trucks Ever

Here’s our guide to the top eight most expensive trucks, including the most pricey truck ever sold and the most expensive truck on the market.

Sr NoTruck Name Price
1Dartz Prombron Black Dragon$7 million
2Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus$1 million
3Ford F-100 Custom Shelby Pickup$450,000
4Lamborghini LM002$392,000
5Ford F-450 Limited Crew Cab$103,030
6Ford F-150 Limited$98,074
7Ram TRX Launch Edition$92,010
8GMC Sierra 1500 Denali$82,940

1.   Dartz Prombron Black Dragon

Dartz Prombron Black Dragon

The Dartz Prombron Black Dragon is the most expensive truck ever sold. This is a high-end luxury SUV created by Leonard Yankelvich for the Latvian company Dartz Motor Company. The Dartz Prombron is more expensive since it has bulletproof glass, an armor-plated shell, and sumptuous real leather interiors. The Prombron is a China-only vehicle with a limited run of 12 units and a starting price of $7 million. A 42-inch watching television, gold, diamond, and ruby-encrusted logo, silver guards, and an electrochromic roof are among the extras. Prombron is known for introducing high-value SUVs and trucks, such as the Black Stallion, a Hummer H2 that debuted for $330,000, and the Monaco Red Diamond Edition, priced at $1.25 million. The Black Dragon is the best of them all.

Vehicle TypeLuxury SUV
ManufacturerDartz Motor Company
Limited Run12 units
Starting Price$7 million
Special FeaturesBulletproof glass, armor-plated shell, real leather interior
Additional Features42-inch television, gold, diamond, and ruby-encrusted logo, silver guards, electrochromic roof

2.   Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus

Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus

The Mercedes-AMG G63 Brabus handles like a bus but has the inside of a limo to match its price tag. The Mercedes G Wagen’s success prompted them to create a celebrity version for its high-value clientele. The G63 Brabus costs $1 million for the exclusive “black and gold edition.” This is nearly double the price of the standard edition. The engine in this 66 G Class 2021 model produces 700 horsepower. This vehicle can reach 62 mph in only 4.1 seconds and has a peak speed of 150 mph. This is the closest trucks will ever come to resembling a Mercedes-Benz supercar.

Brabus was created in 1977 and produces not just Mercedes but also Maybach and Smart automobiles. The Mercedes G63’s unnervingly high specs for a car of its weight class reflect the company’s major focus of horsepower and on-road mobility adaptability.

Vehicle TypeLuxury SUV
EditionBlack and Gold Edition
Price$1 million (Black and Gold Edition)
Engine Power700 horsepower
Acceleration0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds

3.   Ford F-100 Custom Shelby Pickup

 Ford F-100 Custom Shelby Pickup

Shelby automobiles are recognized for their great performance and elegance, and this Ford Shelby Custom Pickup is no exception. For a while, the 1956 Ford F-100 was the most expensive vehicle ever sold, fetching $450,000 at a Barret-Jackson auction in 2014. The Shelby F-100 sports a 5.4 L V-8 engine with 550 horsepower, a six-speed gearbox, an extended wheelbase, a bespoke chassis, and other modifications.

Carroll Shelby has been involved with high-performance automobiles for many years. His most famous creations were the AC Cobra, also known as the Shelby Cobra in the United States, and Ford’s first Mustang. He was also well-known as a professional racing driver, having been named Sports Illustrated’s driver of the year in 1956 and 1957. You may recall his name and career from Matt Damon’s portrayal of him in the 2019 film Ford v Ferrari.

Vehicle TypePickup Truck
Price (2014 Auction)$450,000
Engine5.4 L V-8, 550 horsepower
TransmissionSix-speed manual
Special FeaturesExtended wheelbase, bespoke chassis

4.   Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini’s LM002 is a 4-door truck in the Hummer design. The company is better known for its high-performance Italian supercars. The LM002, often known as the Rambo Lambo, was manufactured from 1986 until 1993. Because production was restricted to 328 units, the value of this powerful little vehicle has increased dramatically. Lamborghini’s desire to develop military-ready cars did not initially materialize until the LM002’s front-mounted V12 engine created a more sturdy package. Following the conceptual failures of the Cheetah and LM001, the LM002 has proven to be a far more effective design. It is now worth up to $392,000.

Under the LM series, or Lamborghini Militaria, Lamborghini created many prototype military and offroad vehicles. It began as an effort to penetrate the Jeep market for more premium sports clientele. However, the entire brand range was phased down in 1993.

Vehicle Type4-Door Truck (Hummer design)
Production Years1986–1993
Limited Units328 units
Current ValueUp to $392,000

5.   Ford F-450 Limited Crew Cab

Ford F-450 Limited Crew Cab

The 2021 Ford F-450 Limited Crew Cab is powered by a 6.7 L V8 engine with an intercooled turbo system that produces 450 horsepower. It’s one of the most costly retail vehicles available right now, costng $103,030.

This luxury transporter has an integrated navigation system, 4-wheel ABS brakes, forged aluminum alloys, side seat and overhead airbags, and even a Bang & Olufsen sound system with 10 speakers and a subwoofer. Its tailgate includes a power latch and remote release, which makes it easier than ever to transport your stuff. Since the 1948 Ford pickup, the Ford F-Series has been offered as chassis-cab trucks capable of handling rough roads and lengthy hauls. Since 1977, Ford’s F-Series has been the best-selling truck line in the United States, and it is frequently the best-selling vehicle of any type. Ford earned $41 billion in revenue with these trucks in 2018 which is huge.

Vehicle TypePickup Truck
Engine6.7 L V8, 450 horsepower
Luxury FeaturesIntegrated navigation system, Bang & Olufsen sound system, power tailgate with remote release

6.   Ford F-150 Limited

 Ford F-150 Limited

The 2021 Ford-F150 Limited is one of the most pricey vehicles on the market right now. This vehicle has an 18-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system, trailer backup assist and reverses guiding, motorized tailgate, moonroof, and other goodies. In comparison to previous workhorse trucks, the F-150 is a luxury vehicle on the interior, with GPS systems, 360-degree cameras, leather upholstery, and complete cabin heating. The Ford F-150 Limited is priced at $98,074.

The Ford F-150 Limited is powered by a 3.5 L V6 engine that generates 450 horsepower. It can tow up to 7,000 pounds. Buyers may increase the value of their vehicle by adding Ford’s PowerBoost onboard generator, which can cost up to $4,500, as well as off-road and tow packages.

Vehicle TypePickup Truck
Engine3.5 L V6, 450 horsepower
Luxury Features18-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system, trailer backup assist, motorized tailgate, GPS systems, leather upholstery

7.   Ram TRX Launch Edition

Ram TRX Launch Edition

In 2021, the Ram TRX Launch Edition was released to compete with the Ford Raptor truck. It is now the most expensive pickup vehicle available, costing $92,010. The Ram TRX was produced in a limited quantity of 702 units. It is driven by a 6.2 L HEMI V8 supercharged engine with immediate torque and 11.0 psi, as well as a coil spring suspension system. The Launch Edition contains a trim-specific Anvil Gray paint scheme, a panoramic sunroof, a Harman sound system (19 speakers), and other features. The Ram TRX 4WD Limited begins at $75,945, but the premium launch version is the real deal.

The innovative front lighting system, which includes LED Smartbeam intelligent headlights that adjust to driving conditions, is one of the Ram TRX’s premium features. The Ram TRX also has launch assist and launch control characteristics, which means the truck automatically adjusts engine RPM depending on wheel slip feedback to account for road conditions. This offers the vehicle the best acceleration rate possible.

Vehicle TypePickup Truck
Launch Edition Price$92,010
Limited Quantity702 units
Engine6.2 L HEMI V8 supercharged
Premium FeaturesAnvil Gray paint scheme, panoramic sunroof, Harman sound system (19 speakers)

8.   GMC Sierra 1500 Denali

GMC Sierra 1500 Denali

GMC released the Sierra 1500 Denali to complement the Silverado, which has the same base and engine type, however, buyers can personalize their new vehicle with alternative engines. These include a 5.3 L V8 and a 6.2 L V8, the latter of which can produce 420 horsepower and is priced at $82,940. Heated front and rear seats, real leather upholstery, a heated steering wheel, and an 8-inch television screen are among the finest features of this vehicle.

“Denali” is an Athabascan name that means “the high one” and has long been used to refer to an impressive mountain in Alaska (6,200m). Mount McKinley was the mountain’s official name until President Obama changed it to its original Native American name.

Vehicle TypePickup Truck
Engine Options5.3 L V8, 6.2 L V8 (420 horsepower)
Price$$82,940 (6.2 L V8)
Notable FeaturesHeated front and rear seats, real leather upholstery, heated steering wheel, 8-inch television screen


With soaring costs, the pickup truck market has shifted from being a utility vehicle to a prestige symbol. These vehicles come with the most expensive trim packages available, thus picking a less expensive trim package will save you money. Expensive pickup trucks have polished rides, lavish cabins, and high-end equipment, but they are still built for hard labor and off-roading.

For company owners who can benefit from tax write-offs and the relative cost to their revenue, expensive pickup vehicles are a superior investment. These pickup trucks include strong engines, a luxurious cabin, and cutting-edge technology. Due to increased demand, more truck manufacturing businesses are entering the market. These pickup trucks have taken over the market as many big companies like as Ford and Chevrolet have debuted their opulent pickups. People have a wide range of possibilities on the market from which to pick based on their restricted budget.

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