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List of Top 10 Celebrities with Stupid Tattoos

List of Top 10 Celebrities with Stupid Tattoos

Celebrities are very rich, and their standard of living is much different from the normal people. Celebrities can afford everything in their life, and their lifestyle is mostly copied by their fans. They have much impressive style statement which keeps them always in the news. These people from the entertainment world have different hobbies and habits which are some time very silly and stupid.

Tattoos are the thing which has gained the attraction of people from all around the globe and people are moving towards this trend to look cool and have some unique tattoos on them. Tattoos can be made on different themes, characters, and even some written things can be done with it according to the needs and the instructions given by the people. In foreign countries, tattoos have much more trend than the people all over the world are thinking, but it is growing in other countries as well. Tattoos are not very expensive to be done on the body, and it can be done in different parts of the bodies.
The following are top 10 famous celebrities tattoos which are considered as the stupid one in the world:

10. Mike Tyson:

List of Top Ten Celebrities with Stupid TattoosMike Tyson is the celebrities which can be seen found of tattoos from his face as it also features tattoos and depicts his love for the tattoos. He was a retired professional boxer of America. Mike Tyson has faced some disputes with the champion of the world which has set the record of the youngest boxer of the world for almost 20 years. He is quite a celebrity who is also included in the list of best boxers of all times at the ranking of 3 and in many other lists as well due to his successful career.

9. Steve-O:

Top Ten Celebrities with Stupid TattoosSteve-O is an actor, producer, comedian, musician and stunt performer who is British American Canadian as well. His skills and activities can be seen in different movies made by Hollywood and in many TV series which became the reason for his success and made him famous in the whole world. He features the stupid tattoo of his own which is a quite shocking thing for most of the people. As they don’t expect it how can a person has the tattoo of his own which is quite funny and stupid thing to know.

8. Hayden Panettiere:

Celebrities with Stupid TattoosHayden Panettiere is the celebrity who always wanted to show her tattoos to the public, and that is the reason she uploads some revealing pictures on the social media. She has the tattoo in the Italian language which means to live without regrets, but it is said that she should regret having this tattoo on her body. Hayden Panettiere is an American singer, model, and activist as well. She is included in this list of the best actors to star their career with soaps at the ranking of 29 which depicts her success.

7. Jessica Alba:

Top 10 Celebrities with Stupid TattoosJessica Alba is also a famous America businesswoman, model and actress. She started her career in this field at the age of 13 and is now included in the list of the leading actresses. Jessica Alba has also got a quite stupid tattoo on her body which is basically of pretty pink bow right on her booty. She is the actress who is included in the list of the most beautiful women in the world in the ranking of 14.

6. Mark Wahlberg:

List of Top 10 Celebrities with Stupid TattoosMark Wahlberg is another America producer, rapper, actor and former model as well. He was famous with the name of Marky Mark in the starting time of his career and became much famous in 1991. He has got the tattoo for the initials of his name right on the upper arm. If in any case he forgets his name then he can get it from there which is a quite silly thing to an actor. It is included in the list of the greatest white rappers of all times in the ranking of 35.

5. Janet Jackson:

Top Five Celebrities with Stupid TattoosJanet Jackson is also another famous America songwriter, actress, and singer. He is always known for his socially and sexually roles performed by him in movies and TV series. He has got a tattoo on the lower abdomen which is not easily visible in pictures. The tattoo of Minnie mouse having oral sex with the Mickey Mouse. It is very silly and stupid thing to get on as he thinks his sense of humor is very good but this does not work.

4. Lindsay Lohan:

Top 5 Celebrities with Stupid TattoosLindsay Lohan is also an America model, actress and music singer. She started her career as a model in child fashion magazine and different advertisements. She is the actress who has got many tattoos on her body which must be asked to her. Lindsay Lohan has the tattoo of shhh on her finger which is very stupid. She is included in the list of celebrities you want to see play survivor at the ranking of 5.

3. Rihanna:

Top Three Celebrities with Stupid TattoosRihanna has the full name Robyn Rihanna Fenty who is famous with the name Rihanna. She is a fashion designer, actress, and singer as well. This famous celebrity has given many successful songs and won many awards for her hard work. She decided to get tattoos after the public beating. Tattoo of her body is very stupid which is a gun, and no one expected that she will get it done as she is considered as the role model for millions of girls.

2. Nick Cannon:

Top 3 Celebrities with Stupid TattoosNick Cannon is another American record producer, rapper, actor and famous television and radio personality. He was a teenager when he started to appear on the TV screen and still going successfully. He is the actor who got the tattoo of Mariah on the upper back part of his body. She was his girlfriend and he wanted to show his love for her.

1. Angelina Jolie:

Top Celebrity with Stupid TattooAngelina Jolie is the most famous American filmmaker, actress and famous personality. She is also listed as the one of Hottest Actresses in Hollywood. She has received different awards for her performances in big awards like guild awards, academy awards and golden globe awards. Angelina Jolie has got many tattoos on her body. She got a tattoo in the Latin language which means what nourishes me, destroys me. She is included in the list of Best actresses working today.

Celebrities with Stupid Tattoos – Top Ten

Sr.No. Name
1 Angelina Jolie
2 Nick Cannon
3 Rihanna
4 Lindsay Lohan
5 Janet Jackson
6 Mark Wahlberg
7 Jessica Alba
8 Hayden Panettiere
9 Steve-O
10 Mike Tyson


Tattoos are quite a normal thing in the upper class of the society, and people are moving towards them. All these celebrities love to have them on different parts of their body. These tattoos are very stupid and people thought that celebrities cannot get this type of tattoos on their body.