Celebrities Whose Children Committed Suicide

We have very large entertainment industry which differs according to countries. Movies and shows are the big source of entertainment for the people to spend their extra time. The movie celebrities are the most important part of movies which are living a high standard of living because they are very rich and can afford it. Their lives are very high profile and their fans in all over the world wanted to know more about them. They are always in a relationship in which they face different ups and downs which take them to depression and become the cause of different critical situations. They could not pay much attention and time to their kids who lead their kids to different problems including depression and became the biggest reason for their suicide. Celebrities are very busy almost all the time and cannot spend much time with kids and listen to their issues.
The following are top 10 celebrities with great tragedy because their kids committed suicide:

10. Carroll O` Connor:

List of Top Ten Celebrities Whose Children Committed Suicide in the WorldCarroll O` Connor was a famous comedian and was also included in the list of the funniest people of all time. His son committed suicide at the age of 32 due to the long battle of drug addiction in 1995. He was much addicted to the painkillers after surviving from cancer then started taking hard drugs. He called his father that he is going to end his life but when his father and police arrived it was too late as he shot himself and found dead in his apartment which was a bug shock for his father.

9. Sylvia Plath:

Top Ten Celebrities Whose Children Committed Suicide in the WorldSylvia Plath was well known and one of the best authors and poet of all times. He was living in the USA, his wife committed suicide at the age of 46 in 2009 then his son also wanted to kill himself. He was found hanged with the ceiling fan and was a very successful biologist at that time and also the member of UAF but was suffering from severe depression which urged him to commit suicide and finishes his life rather than facing depression.

8. Burt Bacharach:

 Top Ten Celebrities Whose Children Committed SuicideBurt Bacharach was a known singer of America and also one of the best songwriters of all time. His daughter called Nikki Bacharach who was suffocated in 2007 at the age of 40 used a plastic bag and helium to kill her. She was facing different issues related to emotions and was also diagnosed with the Asperger`s syndrome. She was struggling in this situation from her school life and even her adult life as well.

7. Willie Nelson:

Top 10 Celebrities Whose Children Committed Suicide in the WorldWillie Nelson was the celebrity of the, USA who was a singer and an actor as well. He was given many successful albums and performed in different hit movies as well. His son named Billy in 1991 at the age of 33 hanged himself in his house as he was facing different financial issues which lead them to kill him to get released from all of them. He was found hanged in his family cabin.

6. Gloria Vanderbilt:

List of Top 10 Celebrities Whose Children Committed Suicide in the WorldGloria Vanderbilt was a fashion designer and actor by profession. He used to live in America. His oldest son named Carter Vanderbilt committed suicide at the age of 23 in 1988. He jumped from the terrace of the 14th floor at the Manhattan Apartment. His suicide was because of different reasons as his parents were separated and he was also taking some anti-asthma medicine which also caused some mental disorder. Different reasons took him to this situation to take this big decision in his life to end the life.

5. L. Ron Hubbard:

Top Five Celebrities Whose Children Committed Suicide in the WorldL. Ron Hubbard was a religious scholar and author as well. His son from his 3rd wife was found unconscious in the car outside their house in 1976. It was said later that his son was gay and was facing different problems in the society due to that. He died at the age of 22 and never gained consciousness after that which leads him to death. Everyone was shocked at his sudden death as this was not expected that a young boy of 22 years old will commit suicide.

4. Paul Newman:

Top 5 Celebrities Whose Children Committed Suicide in the WorldPaul Newman was a film producer, racing driver and businessman of USA. His son named Scott Newman, who was also a famous actor, was found dead in a hotel because of the overdose of alcohol and pills. At that time, he was only 28 years old and was arrested by the police several times due to his drinking habits. He took an overdose of alcohol, valium, and some other drugs at that day which killed him.

3. Marie Osmond:

Top Three Celebrities Whose Children Committed Suicide in the WorldMarie Osmond was the designer, singer, and screenwriter of America. Her son was 18 years old called Michael Blosil jumped from the 8th floor of his apartment in 2010. He was suffering from the long battle with depression from the age of 16 and was admitted to a rehab center for several times. After his death, it was said he was quite sober and clean boy.

2. Gregory Peck:

Top 3 Celebrities Whose Children Committed Suicide in the WorldGregory Peck was a famous actor and producer of America. He was unable to work for almost 2 years right after the suicide of his son. In 1975 his son killed him with the gunshot and was much wounded that he could not survive. He was going to problems like broken relationship and dealing with different situations of depression which leads him to take this big step in his life.

1. Marlon Brando:

 Celebritys Whose Child Committed SuicideMarlon Brando was a well-known actor of his time. His daughter called Cheyenne Brando hanged herself at the age of 24. She was pregnant, and the father of the baby was not accepting it. She hanged herself at the apartment of her mother and she was also losing the custody of her elder son which completely disturbed her and she didn’t want to live without her kids.

Celebrities Whose Children Committed Suicide – List

Sr.No. Name
1 Marlon Brando
2 Gregory Peck
3 Marie Osmond
4 Paul Newman
5 L. Ron Hubbard
6 Gloria Vanderbilt
7 Willie Nelson
8 Burt Bacharach
9 Sylvia Plath
10 Carroll O` Connor


Celebrities are very busy and are facing different problems in their life as they cannot give much time to their kids and home which caused depression to the kids. Kids are very disturbed due to these situations which lead them to severe conditions and also urge them to commit suicide to end their life and also released from all these problems which are disturbing them.

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