Cars with Women Buyers

It has been seen that men are dominated for branded automobiles. Generally people observe that which brands are mostly owned by men as opposed to women. In this topic, we will discuss about top ten cars that are owned by women means which automobiles women mostly owned. Here we will discuss about which types of cars are owned by women drivers and also luxury cars for women, introduced in sporty cars for women.

10. Jeep Compass(tie):

List of Top Ten Car Lists with Women BuyersNot only men women are also interested in branded cars in which jeep compass is one of them. It is the only American vehicle on the list that makes sense on its way. It is a packing of a four-cylinder engine. About 52.7% of the women love this car.

9. Nissan Juke:

Top Ten Car Lists with Women BuyersThis is one of the brands of automobile that has a very funky look and due to its funky crossover there was a huge criticism on its unique styling, but it was the one that hits the women most. It packs a lot of performance with its 1.6L Turbocharged four cylinders while maintaining fuel efficiency with 24-mpg city/31mpg highway. Among all best things is that it is affordable.

8. Toyota RAV4:

 Top Ten Car ListsIt is the first cross over luxurious SUV car came from Toyota in the form of RAV4 and was arrived in America in 1996. It is a perfect combination of utility and prices. It is ranked at 8th position on the list of top ten cars with the highest proportion of female buyers.

7. Honda CR-V:

Top 10 Car Lists with Women BuyersIt is ranked at the 7 most top cars loved by women. It is a model similar to Toyota RAV4. CR-V is a well-rounded figure and it is a perfect choice for short families that offers spacious passengers, and cargo areas and plenty of family friendly features, the most important of all it is a common choice for short families because of its low price. About 53.4% of women like this automobile.

6. Hyundai Tucson:

List of Top 10 Car with Women BuyersHyundai Tucson is the 6th most famous brand of a car that women love to buy. A spacious interior with a fuel efficient four cylinders has become a staple for almost all the Hyundai models. The Tucson fits in perfectly with CR-V and RAV4 in the marketplace. Almost 54% of women have an interest in this car.

5. Toyota Matrix:

Top Five Cars with Women BuyersIt is the 5 most famous car that women love to buy. It includes decent fuel economy backed by Toyota reliability and is probably famous among young teens. Its appearances have surprised a lot. Almost 54.1% of women like this vehicle.

4. Volkswagen Beetle:

Top 5 Cars with Women BuyersVolkswagen Beetle is at the 4 in list of top ten auto vehicles that women buy. This model is newly designed at 2011. Generally 54.6% of the women are owners of this car. So it is also the most favorite of many women.

3. Volkswagen EOS:

Top Three Cars with Women BuyersVolkswagen EOS is at the 3rd position on the list of top ten auto vehicles that women tend to purchase. Drop top is one of the designs that are convertible on the market. It gains a lot of attention of people for its convertible factor. 56.4% of the women show interest in this car.

2. Nissan Rogue:

Top 3 Cars with Women BuyersNissan Rogue got 2nd position in the list of top ten cars that women are interested in. It is large and more conventional than Juke. It also offers more than a Juke. It has a spacious interior while retaining the fuel efficiency and agility of car. 56.9% of the women show interest in this car.

1. Volvo s40:

Best Car with Women BuyersVolvo s40 is the best in the list. About 57.9% of the women would love to buy this vehicle. It is an outclassed car with stylish interior. It has many unique features that’s why its a safety choice for ladies. Females love to drive its turbocharged engine

Cars with Women Buyers – Females Top Rated

Sr.No. Names Women Likes
1 Volvo s40 57.9 %
2 Nissan rouge 56.9 %
3 Volkswagen EOS 56.4 %
4 Volkswagen beetle 54.6 %
5 Toyota matrix 54.1 %
6 Hyundai Tucson 54 %
7 Honda CR-V 53.4 %
8 Toyota RAV-4 53.2 %
9 Nissan juke 52.9 %
10 Jeep compass(tie) 52.7 %


There are many car brands that people show interest in purchase. Normally we consider about men means that only men have an interest in branded cars but on this topic, we have discussed women’s interest in branded cars. And we conclude that there are thousands of brands of automobiles in which women’s shows more interest because of their unique features and designs those all are discussed above.

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