Best Weight Loss Apps

Almost every person in the world is weight conscious and wanted to be fit and healthy. With the invention of different fast food chains, people are gaining more weight because those type of food helps to gain weight which is not easy to lose. The latest technology has introduced different applications for the people which can help them to lose weight. These best fitness apps help the person to set goals and to achieve them in a particular period. It also provides proper diet charts for the individuals with specific meal portions which contribute to maintaining the calories and lose weight.

These apps are connected to the internet with which the diet conscious people of the whole world can communicate with each other and share their real life stories about weight loss. It provides many levels of motivation to the individual and helps to achieve goals. Individual can download these apps easily from the app stores in the mobile phones, and all information can be gathered only by sitting at home and following them.
Here are the following 10 top rated weight loss apps available for the weight conscious people in the world:

10. DietPoint

Best Weight Loss AppsDietPoint is the app which offers almost more than 130 different weight loss diet plans for the people. It is much known for the innovative grocery meals and the grocery lists as well. It also offers the details of the ingredients of the grocery stores which also provide tips as well to improve the whole plan. DietPoint is also enhanced with the monitor and the weight tracker in it. It comes in a small pocket size to witness all the details of the workout. Individual can download this app free of cost from the App store.

9. Noom Weight Loss Coach

Best Weight Loss Apps EverNoom Weight loss is the app which is much known for the informational articles available for the weight conscious people and for those who wanted to lose weight. It provides an online community of a vast number of individuals and the daily tracker in it which helps to reach the weight goals quickly at specified period. It is an application which is available for the Android users, not the other ones.

8. Calorie Tracker Tap & Track

Best Weight Loss Apps in The WorldCalorie tracker tap and track is the application which is much famous for its calculation of the calories which is done easily through it. It is the app which consists almost more than 500,000 items in its database which can access even when offline. Calorie tracker measures the calories burned with the exercises and also goals can be set in it. It is the app which can only be downloaded on the iPhone, not Android or any other.

7. Fooducate

Best Weight Loss Apps Ever In the WorldFooducate is named as the food coach that is much more than the simple calorie counter. It helps to set the fitness goals and also the weight loss exercises. Fooducate provides the facility of a nutritionist to advise the best health programs for the people with the real ingredients. It also provides the facility of fitness trainers, doctor, dietitians and also with other community of the world to motivate each other and can also track the progress of the person with it.

6. Weight Watchers Mobile

Best Weight Loss Apps Top RatedWeight Watchers Mobile is the one who can make the life of the person active and healthy. It can be accessed with the help of subscription and online to get help through it. Weight Watchers Mobile posts the pictures and stories of the inspired weight loss cases of the people which can also track the weight and maintain the record of that particular person for a long time. It also provides different helpful material which includes my food which provides the details of healthy food item to be used during it.

5. Eat this, Not that! The Game

Top Best Weight Loss Apps in the WorldThe name of this drama is completely inspired from the name of the famous book which has the same name. It is an app which can help you to play different exercises in it with various smart food choices. It is the application can be downloaded on iPhone and Android system easily on the phone to get the best advice from it for losing weight.

4. Good scanner

Best Weight Loss Apps Ever-Top RatedA good scanner is an application which can be downloaded on the phone which provides different kinds of information. It provides different diet charts for the people and also a list of exercises which can help to lose weight. It is a free app which can be downloaded, but some of its features can only be accessed by purchasing it or getting the subscription of it to get all the details.

3. Calorie Counter MyNetDiary Pro

Best Weight Loss AppsCalorie Counter is the app which comes with the database of almost more than 485k food items on it. It has a free online food entry on it, and a large community is connected to it. This fitness app can be downloaded on the Android and iPhone as well. It calculates the calories burned by the person with the proper exercise which is much worth it to download and get the perfect tips for fitness with it.

2. Lose It

Top Best Weight Loss Apps EverLose it is the app which is considered as one of the best one for calorie tracking program, and millions of people are connected through it who have to lose their weight. It provides a large number of diet plans and exercises to keep the people smart and achieve their goals. Lose it is said to be weight loss that the fits and can be downloaded on the iPad and iPhone. It is only made for the IOS operating system which also saves the whole data in it to record all in it to check the overall record of the person.

1. My Fitness Pal

Top Best Weight Loss Apps Ever in the World-Top RatedMy Fitness Pal app is the one which is only available online and free of cost. It provides a large number of diet plans for the people. My Fitness Pal also tracks the calories of the citizens quickly on it. It has a large number of nutrition food for the people which are considered as the best weight loss app provided to the people. My Fitness Pal is mainly available for the IOS, not any other operating system and only can be downloaded on it or accessed online with the internet connection.

Best Weight Loss Apps – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name
1 My Fitness Pal
2 Lose It
3 Calorie Counter MyNetDiary Pro
4 Foodscanner
5 Eat this, Not that! The Game
6 Weight Watchers Mobile
7 Fooducate
8 Calorie Tracker tap & Track
9 Noom Weight Loss Coach
10 DietPoint
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