Best Secure Locks for Bikes

Bikes are a convenient mode of transport but have lack security. To fill this gap of many security companies have made locks for bikes which prevent it from moving. Top rated locks are the ones that the consumers trust the most and the ones that are made of the best quality material. Here in this article we will list top ten best locks and will look into their characteristics. These locks prevent the bike from theft and unauthorized use by someone without the permission of the owner. These locks protect both motorbikes and bicycles alike. Cars also have such locks, but they are very different in working.
Here is a list of the most secure locks according to customers

10. Master Lock Street Cuffs

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As the name suggests, this lock resembles the normal handcuffs used by the armed forces. It also serves a similar purpose. Like the normal handcuffs master lock’s function is also not to let the bike escape from the original owner. These cuffs are simple to use as one cuff is to be attached to the bike while the other to the bike post. The cuff can be opened by the keys only. It is made up of strong materials like steel due to which it is difficult to break with a lever. This secure lock comes with a guarantee against theft. It is pocket size and can be carried around easily as weighs a little above a Kg.

9. Kryptonite New York Mini

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Kryptonite is a major name when it comes to bike locks. For this model, they claim that this would help get rid of thieves from New York. A big statement but to say the least this locks secures the bike. This lock is made up of hard steel which is very difficult to break or cut. This lock has a very good reputation among customers as it has full five reviews on online buying sites such as Amazon. It grips the handle and the tyre so that the tyre cannot move until the lock is opened with a key. It is almost 2 Kg of weight which can be a disadvantage.

8. Hiplok V1.50

Top 10 Best Secure Locks for Bikes

This lock from Hiplok is a stylish pick that is secure and also looks good. It is designed in a way that it can be carried on the hand or back easily. The downside is the weight as it weighs almost 2 Kgs. it is difficult to carry around but serves its purpose right. This is a chain lock that comes in various sizes to suit the customers need. The chain is covered with nylon, and this also locks the tyre by gripping around the tyre and the frame.

7. Abus Folding Lock

Best Secure Locks for Bikes

This lock from Abus is very famous with the customers. Customers generally prefer Abus when buying locks due to its finest quality hardened steel. This lock similarly is made out of pure steel and is covered with a coating to make it look good and to protect the bike frame from getting scratches from the direct contact of steel. It is foldable and kept in a bag easily. This lock is nearly impossible to cut because of high quality steel.

6. Kryptonite KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable

Top 10 Best Secure r Bikes

This cable is for added security. It is not meant to be used alone but rather with a U-lock to protect your bike further. This a steel cable that protects others parts of the cycle. It has to be tied to the U-lock and the wheels or the seat to protect the bike further. This cable from Kryptonite is reasonably priced giving customers an incentive to, but therefore customers rank it high.

5. Blackburn San Quenti


Blackburn makes many other products relating to bikes, but their bike locks are very famous amongst the customers. This U-lock is made up of hardened steel that protects the bike from theft. The steel is covered with rubber on the sides to prevent scratching on the frame. It comes with three keys. It also has a guaranteed price against theft.

4. Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Disc Orange

10 Best Secure Locks

This lock from Kryptonite is one of the best bike locks according to customers for all the good reasons. It gives great value for money. This is a U lock that also comes with a cable for double protection. This lock is made up of strong steel which is very difficult to break. One feature that other locks do not possess is that this lock comes with a dust bag which makes it easy to store without the fear of it being dirty.

3. OnGuard Bulldog Mini

t Secure Locks for Bikes

This lock is very lightweight. This is a feature all bike owners want as carrying heavy steel locks is a hassle. This weighs 2 pounds only. It is made up of 13mm steel which makes it impossible to cut also because this is a double bolt locking system. It comes with five keys and can only be opened with them all other options would not work on this lock.

2. Spybike

Top 10 Best Secure Locks

This is one of a kind Lock. This not only gives protection against theft but also deals with the possibility of the bike being robbed even if the lock is on. This lock comes with a GPS system that tracks its location and helps find the thieves if they in a way can cut the lock. If someone tries to move the bike, this lock will notify the owner via text who can then check if the bike is safe. This is the latest technology lock and rated high by the customers.

1. Abus Granit X-Plus

Secure Locks for Bikes

This is again a lock by Abus. Abus can be trusted as it has a huge record in making security alarms for houses and other things. This is a foldable lock that is made out of hardened steel but covered with other material to prevent harm to the bike. This is an expensive option but is in our list as customers believe it is very secure.

Best Secure Locks for Bikes – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name
1 Abus Granit X-Plus
2 Spybike
3 OnGuard Bulldog Mini
4 Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Disc Orange
5 Blackburn San Quentin
6 Kryptonite KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable
7 Abus Folding lock
8 Ziplok V1.50
9 Kryptonite New York Mini
10 Master Lock Street cuffs
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