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List of Top Rated Best Restaurants In Johannesburg

List of Top Rated Best Restaurants In Johannesburg

There are different places which are vital for the tourists coming to different countries and are much famous. Almost all people are fond of cafe and restaurant which offer a broad range of menu to them who mainly includes the national dishes of their respective countries. Most of the big and famous restaurants are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone, but there are some cheap options available in the market for the people with limited budgets.

These restaurants are known for providing the best value and fantastic service to their guests coming. Every restaurant comes with some special dishes which are named as the best and the specialty of that particular restaurant which is highly recommended to be tried by the people coming from other countries once to get a unique and different taste. These restaurants are made with much luxury and class which are not affordable for everyone.
Here are the following top 10 Johannesburg restaurants you must visit in the city of the gold, which are as follow:

10. Cube Tasting Kitchen, Parktown North

Best Restaurants In JohannesburgCube Tasting Kitchen is not a restaurant but also the offering tasting kitchen which provides the best food experience and also the unique taste of the people. It provides lengthy meals for the people to satisfy their appetite completely. It has the amazing experience which can impress the people even on the special occasions. It is known for introducing innovative meals and taste for the people and claims to bring the new spirits to their guests.

9. Giardino & the room at 44 Stanley Milpark

Top Best Restaurants In JohannesburgIt is the restaurant which is known for the warm welcome to their guests. It offers a large variety of food which includes seasonal vegetables, delicious meat, pasta, fish dishes, chicken and also the gourmet pizza. It provides the sitting place for the guests near the fireplace to keep them cozy in the cold environment and is luxuriously decorated and offers an extensive range of beers and the wines for the people. On Sunday they have arranged the facility of live music for the people to enjoy it with the meals.

8. Kong Roast, Fourways

Top Best Restaurants In Johannesburg EverKong Roast is the restaurant which is located at the Cedar Square and is the busiest shopping center located in Johannesburg. It is the restaurant which offers a large variety of food which includes Chinese, Thai, Japanese and also the Vietnamese cuisine for the people. They have provided the authentic taste to their guests and provide the best dining experience to the people coming there.

7. Love Food, Braamfontein

Best Restaurants In Johannesburg EverLove Food is the restaurant which was opened in 2012 which is not only a restaurant but also a café as well. It is owned by the passionate owner called Jamie Lorge who is known for introducing an amazing taste of food to the guests according to their culture. It also offers the special deli style food which is appetizing and healthy one which is the much luxurious place to dine to get the best experience.

6. NexDor, Soweto

Best Restaurants In Johannesburg

NexDor is the restaurant is the traditional South African restaurant which offers the grill bar and the latest cuisines loved by the people. It provides the food with much class, style, and the high-quality services to the guests. It is known for re-inventing new elements needed in the food to keep it much modern and new thing for the people which people considered much welcoming behavior and loved it. It provides the ultimate luxury to the people dining in it.

5. Schwabinger Stuben, Randburg

Best Ever Restaurants In JohannesburgSchwabinger Studen is the restaurant which is located in Munich. It provides the casual dining experience to the person in a much comfortable way and is equipped with the amazing interior. It is named as the most authentic place for the German food which is completely worth it of its high price. It offers all the German dishes which include Sausages, Fishbein and Schnitzel which is served with the imported beers to enhance the whole dining experience of the person there.

4. Leafy Greens Café, Mulderdrift

Top Best Ever Restaurants In JohannesburgLeafy Green café is the one which is known for the raw food which was opened in 2010. It is known for its hospitality, and the style of producing of food is also a fantastic one. Their food is said to be very rich in minerals and vitamins which are grown in their garden. It is much right spot and the place which offers all the handcrafted food for the diet conscious people all over the world and also provides the setting facility in the open air where people can enjoy the fresh air.

3. Parreirinha, Rosettenville

Best Ever Restaurants In Johannesburg Top RatedParreirinha is the restaurant which offers the high-quality food which is located in the Northern suburbs of the Johannesburg. It offers all types of seafood to their guests and in the field of food for almost 38 years. Their prawns are famous in the whole Johannesburg which is served with the Portuguese wines to provide the perfect experience and is named as the well spends the evening at this super fantastic restaurant located in it.

2. CNR Café, Craighall Park

Best Restaurants In Johannesburg Highly Rated

CNR Café is the restaurant which is considered as the best for the common type of food which is located at the corner of Buckingham. It offers all kinds of fresh and straightforward food with the perfect experience of dining to the guests as well. It is known for its best ingredients and the quality of services provided to the guest. The most famous food items which include fresh juices and fresh baked bread are the main attraction for the people there.

1. Coobs, Parkhurst

Best Restaurants In JohannesburgCoobs Parkhurst is named as the latest restaurant located in Johannesburg which is made with the modern touch to provide everything perfectly to their guest on their location. They’re all food products made from the freshly produced ingredients and their menu changes according to the seasonal availability of the products in the market. It offers a small range of menu but quite an effective one. Their main products are made from pork, wild boar, vegetables and the lamb meat.

Best Restaurants In Johannesburg – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name
1 Coobs, Parkhurst
2 CNR Café, Craighall Park
3 Parreirinha, Rosettenville
4 Leafy Greens Café, Mulderdrift
5 Schwabinger Stuben, Randburg
6 NexDor, Soweto
7 Love Food, Braamfontein
8 Kong Roast, Fourways
9 Giardino & the room at 44 Stanley Milpark
10 Cube Tasting Kitchen, Parktown North