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Giving the reader an insight into what to look for when going to purchase a new laser pointer. Laser pointers are used to point at a distant object with a beam of the laser where otherwise your hand would not reach. These are employed in presentations to look at areas that are to be highlighted or where the presenter is at that time. In general times a long ruler or a stick was used to point to a distant place, but that would block the view because of being long and would be inconvenient for the presenter.
Here I will mention and explain top rated laser pointers and these laser pointers reviews.

10. JD G301

Laser Pointers In The WorldThis laser pointer produces a green light and the light produced is not very high intensity to harm human eye to the degree other laser pointers which are not allowed to be sold to the general public produce. Though this light can also to some extent harm the human eye, it authorized to be sold under consumer power regulations. The lights intensity is five milliwatt (MW) and can reach a distance of up to 8 kilometers.

9. Kensington

Top Laser Pointers In The WorldKensington has to its credit a lot of reliable laser pointers. Its laser pointers hold 52% market share. The model we will be discussing here is Kensington Presenter Expert. The model currently retails at a whopping $49. This laser pointer produces a red light which is approximately ten times brighter than a regular light. It comes with a remote providing more ease to its user as it can be used from a distance also. It comes with a USB with 2GB memory. This is widely used for presentations in offices and universities.

8. LaserPointerPro

Top Most Laser Pointers In The WorldThe LaserPointerPro is a cheaper alternative for anyone on a lower budget. People are looking for reasonable yet high reach laser pointer; LaserPointerPro is your answer. This laser pointer sells for only $6.85. It has a purple beam which is of 30 my intensity. It comes with a clip to be held and stored in pen in the pocket which makes it very handy. Due to the high intensity of the laser, there are restrictions on where to be sold as consumer power regulations allow 5 MW or less to be safe to be sold.

7. Logitech

Top Most Laser Pointers In The World EverLogitech is a reliable company that has established its name over the years.  Logitech’s Wireless Presenter R400 is suitable for presentations in offices and classrooms. The price of this model is $32.99. It comes slightly on the higher end but with what it offers the price seems justifiable. It comes with a remote control for presentations, and its design with latest technology makes it an easy to use a laser pointer.


Top Laser Pointers In The World EverThe model we will be reviewing is the Orion SkyLine Deluxe. It is a complex laser pointer which is very high intensity and is usually used by professionals like astronomers who are skilled in using this laser, and also their work requires high-power Laser Pointer. It is a Green Laser Pointer and is sturdy enough to be used at night as the human eye is responsive to green light a lot.

5. Quartet Green

Laser Pointers In The World Highly RatedThis laser pointer has a green laser which specifically in this model is more suitable for presentations in offices and universities rather than outdoors. It is an expensive laser pointer retailing currently at $57.99. It is in the form of a remote with latest technology. The intensity of the laser is less than 5 MW (milliwatts) therefore suitable for standard sale. Green lasers are a higher power than red lasers, and this pointer can reach up to 650 feet before the dot starts fading.

4. Quartet Slimline

Best Laser PointersQuartet Slimline is also a product of Quartet Company. It costs $14.99 which makes it very affordable for students to buy. It is a class 2 laser pointer which is safe to use by all ages. The design facilitates ease as it is pocket size and easy to carry around. Its power is less than one MW (milliwatt). This is a red laser which comes out as a dot best used to point at things in a presentation.

3. Quarton Infiniti 2000

Top Laser Pointers Ever In The World Highly RatedQuarton Infiniti 2000 is a green laser pointer which uses alkaline batteries for power. It resembles an ordinary pen and can easily fit in the pocket. It retails for $39.95. It is a class 3a laser pointer whose intensity is less than 5 MW (milliwatts). The reach of the laser is estimated to be more than 1000 yards. This laser beam is fit for use at night and also astronomy lessons due to its far reach. The batteries last about 4 hours after which they have to be replaced.

2. Wicked S3

Best Laser PointersThis is a professional laser pointer which is to be used only by practitioners in the field who are certified to use it. Its power ranges from 700 MW (milliwatts) to 2 watts. In most parts of the world, its sale is restricted and cannot be sold to ordinary people. It is priced at $199. It is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum; it comes with an inbuilt safety lock that restricts its use. The battery can last for 180 minutes after which it needs to be recharged.

1. Z-Bolt

Laser Pointers In The WorldThe Z- Bolt BTE-4S is a red laser pointer. It costs $28 which is affordable. This laser pointer is a class 3a laser which has power intensity of less than 5 MW (milliwatts). It is not as handy as some of the other laser pointers in this list as it is 5.5 inches long. The battery can run for 15 hours straight. One point that cannot be avoided is the range which is 4500 feet. It is a suitable laser pointer for outdoor use.

Best Laser Pointers In The World – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name Price
1 Z-Bolt $28
2 Wicked $199
3 Quarton $39.95
4 Quartet Slimline $14.99
5 Quartet Green $57.99
6 Orion $69.99
7 Logitech $32.99
8 LaserPointerPro $6.85
9 Kensington $49
10 JD G301 $9.88
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