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Top 10 Best Iphone Applications for Gym

Best Iphone Applications for Gym

With the passage of time, people become much fitness conscious to look healthy and slim. It is said that fit people are normally healthy and are blessed with long life. People now maintain their proper diet plan and also go to the gym to burn their extra calories and lose weight. But the main thing is to set your targets for exercise which are obtained and checked by different instruments. There are many instruments available in the market to check the progress of exercise. iPhone is the product of famous company Apple which is very expensive, its different best and expensive apps can be downloaded from its app store. It has many fitness application in it among which some of them are free while some with more features are paid to get more effective results. These applications calculate different things of a person that includes calories burned, heartbeat, pulse rate, miles walked, etc. to reach the fitness goals of a person. These applications are very helpful to achieve fitness targets and to remain fit for the whole life.
The following are top 10 best iPhone fitness apps available in the world:

10. All in Fitness:

most expensive applications in the world

As the name of the application shows that it is the app which provides everything needed for the fitness of a person. It has almost total 700 exercises available in it for the men and women which are to be done in the gym. It also provides videos and audio instruction to the people to perform them properly. All in Fitness has some small issues in it but still it is best and a great help to remain fit. It provides proper instructions to keep those exercises helpful rather than painful as exercises can cause that.

9. Easy Gym Log:

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Easy Gym Log is the application which provides all types of exercise to the people looking for them and also calculates different features related to fitness like heart rate, weight; calories burned which reduce the need for a fitness instrument. It is a very useful app which is totally free to measure all fitness aspects of a person during the time of exercise. It provides exercise of all types and for the whole body.

8. You are your own gym:

top iphone applicationsThe name of this fitness application is quite impressive which provides all facilities needed for the fitness. It provides all types of workout exercises which can be done at any place. It also has a workout time with it to achieve the goals which are very effective thing in the application. You are your own Gym provides exercises for all levels of intensity according to the need of a person as beginners can start with easy ones and goes up with the passage of time and their capacity.

7. Workout Trainer:

most expensive iphone applicationsWorkout Trainer is the application which helps the body to get into shape in less time and is very effective one. It is totally free which offers almost thousands of free and some paid workout programs for the people. It also has reminders which can be set to get alarms at your specific exercise time. It also shows the whole calendar of a month which shows the daily exercise is done on all days of a month and, in the end, the result obtained from it.

6. Gym Hero:

worlds most expensive iphone applicationsAs the name of this application shows that it are the perfect one and one of the most effective fitness applications. It not only provides different workout programs for the people but also track your routines as well. Gym hero can be connected with different social websites like Twitter and Facebook to save your progress and also share it with your friends to remain fit and healthy. It provides different exercises for all parts of the body.


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JEFIT is the application which is not only effective for the fitness conscious people but also the body builders as well as it covers all aspects. It is very effective planner which provides all types of plans and very efficient logging system as well. It has properly detailed data base installed in it which maintains the record of the person for a long time.

4. Fitness Buddy:

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Fitness Buddy is a free application which can be easily downloaded from the app store which provides almost 320 different exercises with the pictures as well to depict the postures of the exercise. It also offers the facility to customize the workout sessions according to your needs and goals. The only problem with it is that it does not provide any audio instructions and videos for doing it properly.

3. Pump Weight:

most expensive applicationsPump Weight is an application which provides a personal trainer to the person to provide many instructions to the person for doing it properly and achieve their goals in less time and effectively. It also has a time in it to complete the exercises and offers more than 70 different exercises. It also maintains the whole record of a person of the exercise done by them to calculate the results and keep it for a long time.

2. Gym Buddy:

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Gym Buddy is again a totally free application which can be downloaded easily from the app store. It also allows the person to maintain your track of exercises done on daily basis. It also offers a different set of exercises for the specific period to get best results in less time. It also provides the calculation done about the calories burned, heartbeat; miles walked, etc. in a gym. It is very easy to use and obtain best results for the fitness of a person in limited period.

1. GymGoal 2:

Best Iphone Applications for Gym

GymGoal 2 is considered as the best and most effective fitness application available on the app store of a phone. It is very easy to use which can not only provide different types of exercises but also do the measurements of a person which they have the loss during the period of exercise. Gymgoal 2 also offers the big range of workout exercises for the people and also maintains the history and record of the person with the name.

Best Iphone Applications for Gym – Health Apps

Sr No. Name
1 GymGoal 2
2 Gym Buddy
3 Pump Weight
4 Fitness Buddy
6 Gym Hero
7 Workout Trainer
8 You are your own Gym
9 Easy Gym Log
10 All in Fitness

Fitness is the main issue in today`s world for most of the people which can be obtained by different efforts. People have different ways to remain fit either by going to gym or walks etc. But the main thing they lack is that they need to measure their exercises which can be done only be downloading any of the best fitness application from the store to achieve the goals and remain fit in less time. All these applications are best in their ways from which the best one can be chosen according to your needs and requirements.