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Television is watched all around the world which is named as the basic need of every house. It is the biggest source of entertainment to spend some extra time. In past, there were big TV`s but with the passage of time the technology has changed everything. Flat Screen HDTV`s are the new thing which is made with the light emitting diode and is enhanced with HD Ultra panel. There are many brands which are making them cope with their increasing demand in the market. Prices are differ according to the functions and size in inches.

LED and LCD are the new plasma televisions which have a large number of choices in the market. Their screens are much large which is very thin and provides amazing performance on its screen which has high resolution and much loved by the people and these are made with latest technology and features which attract people towards them.
The following are 10 top rated LED TV`s ever introduced in the world:

10. Sharp LC-48LE653U:

List of Top Ten Best HDTV`s of 2016 with ReviewSharp LC is the HDTV, which provides amazing and best performance which works with the accurate colors and is a much affordable version which was sold at the price of $477.99. It comes with the limited options of online facilities as compared to other competitors in the market. This HD TV is the one offered by the brand called Dell and comes in the amazon-buttonscreen size of 48 inches and is much loved by users of it’s from all around the world. It has very thin screen which can be placed on the wall and TV table as well.

9. TCL 40FS3800:

Top Ten Best HDTV`s of 2016 with ReviewTCL is offered this model which is much affordable one at the price of $269.99 which is made with many features and also enhanced with the good shadow details in it. It provides the much amazing performance to the users, and their whole line of LEC is much affordable one. The only problem wamazon-buttonith it is that its ports are placed in awkward positions, and the colors of this TV are little under saturated. It is also an LED which has the screen size of 40 inches.

8. Samsung ZA:

 Top Ten Best HDTV`s of 2016Samsung ZA is the model which is made with the perfect color and contrast features and also has connected video sources. It is the curved model which is combined with the perfect picture quality and premium services which completely justifies the high price of it which is almost $2499. The only problem is that it is one of the most expensive television. It is the one which comes in the large screen size which is 55 inches and the best one to get perfect entertainment at home.

7. Hisense 50H7GB:

Top 10 Best HDTV`s of 2016 with ReviewHisense 50H7GB is the LED, which comes with the screen size of 50 inches and has much good video resolution and provides best colors. It is not an expensive option in the market which is sold at the price of $649. Hisense 50H7GB provides solid performance at this affordable price, but the only problem in tamazon-buttonhis model is its long input lag and the contrast level in it. It provides a much large screen in such affordable price which is a great deal.

6. Vizio M65-C1:

List of Top 10 Best HDTV`s of 2016 with ReviewVizio M65 is the one who has perfect contrast system and is enhanced with the best color resolution in it as compared to other HDTV`s available on the market. It comes with the screen size of 65 inches which is very large at this price oamazon-buttonf $1,477 which is completely worth it for such a big screen. It comes with the Yahoo based ecosystem in it which is little complicated for everyone to understand it.

5. Vizio D65u-D2:

Top Five Best HDTV`s of 2016 with ReviewVizio D65U is the LED, which is much affordable one as sold at the price of $999.99 and comes with the best color accuracy and contrast in it. It provides the best performance at such an affordable price and best option in the market for the people with limited budget. Some of the people are not satisfieamazon-buttond with the design of it and the complicated menu system but still it has a screen size of 65 inches which has justified the affordable price too much more extent and loved by the people.

4. SunBrite TV Pro Series Direct:

Top 5 Best HDTV`s of 2016 with ReviewSunBrite TV Pro Series is the one which offers best daylight performance and such bright screen. It offers the screen size of 42 inches which is sold at the price of $3,895 which is little expensive. It provides a limited number of features in it and is expensive one but still people love to have it becausamazon-buttone of its amazing performance and the accurate colors offered in it and much stylish model as well.

3. Sharp LC-55UB30U:

Top Three Best HDTV`s of 2016 with ReviewSharp LC is the one which has a unique design and provides a vivid color option. It is a much affordable oamazon-buttonption which provides 55 inches and best performance at this affordable price of $847.99. It is made with many new features which has left the competitors much behind.

2. Insignia NS-55DR420NA16:

Best HDTVs of 2016Insignia NS is also amazing LED which is built with different advance features in it. This HD TV provide amazing color contrast and accuracy in it. It is a very low priced model which is sold at the affordable price of $479.99. It is made from the new technology which has a perfect blend of latest features and affordable price as well. The only issued diagnosed in it is its colors cannot be calibrated and offers 55 inches of screen size.

1. LG Signature OLED65G6P:

Best HDTVs of 2016LG is the world famous brand regarding different electronic products all around the world. It comes with a much slim panel and is enhanced with the built-in sound systemamazon-button. It has amazing picture quality and comes with the screen size of 65 inches. LG Signature OLED65G6P is named as the best one but much expensive as sold at the high price of $7,997.

Best HDTVs of 2016 with Review – Top Ten

Sr.No. Name Price
1 LG Signature OLED65G6P $ 7997
2 Insignia NS-55DR420NA16 $ 479.99
3 Sharp LC-55UB30U $ 847.99
4 SunBrite TV Pro Series Direct $ 3895
5 Vizio D65u-D2 $ 999.99
6 Vizio M65-C1 $ 1477
7 Hisense 50H7GB $ 649
8 Samsung ZA $ 2499
9 TCL 40FS3800 $ 269.99
10 Sharp LC-48LE653U $ 477.99


The above ranking of top 10 best HDTV`s is given according to the reviews taken from their users. Almost everyone is now fond of LED`s to get the best performance and also must be in their budget. All these LED`s are made by the best brands in the world. People can select the best one according to their budget and need.

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