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Top Ten Best Garbage Pail Kids in the World

Top Ten Best Garbage Pail Kids in the World

Garbage Pail Kids is different trading cards which were designed and made by the famous Topps company and were quite popularĀ at that time. This concept of pail kids was launched especially for the children in 1980’s which were amusing and fantastic for the kids. They became so popular in very less time and also gained the attention of teachers and parents as well not only children. These pail kids were hilarious and were considered as the masterpieces which were also seen on the shirts of the kids because of their much craze. It is said that it is tough to choose the best one among them because all of them were best and entertaining in their way. Different versions of these cards were launched till 2014 due to increased popularity of these cards among the children and are designed with different formats and pictures to grab the interest of the people.

The following are top 10 greatest garbage pail kids available in the whole world:

10. Cut-Up Carmen:

10 top rated garbage pailCut-Up Carmen is the garbage pail kid of series seven which was launched on the 4th wall of a particular occasion. It has many interesting and excellent characters escaping from these cards. It is considered as the quite intriguing case of garbage pail kid which was taken out himself and is named as the most accurate one with the scissors. This card is fascinating and features different characters which look cute and attractive as well.

9. Hollow Wayne:

10 top rated garbage pail in the worldHollow Wayne is the one which was launched in 2000 but was not considered as the original one. These cards were seen as the funny and spot one. It was started in all new series 4 and gained much attraction from the people. Hollow Wayne was named as the best in providing different variety of jokes. The pumpkin seen in this picture is designed primarily for keeping all the human organs in it. It is said that this card deserves to win an award for the creepy look because of its design.

8. Smelly Kelly:

10 top rated garbage pailSmelly Kelly is love cards which feature the characters, and their disasters happened in it. It provides much big imagination to the people who are considered as the funniest part of this card. It is named as the most significant source of entertainment for the children and then their stories which are very impressing and also tell about their horrifying fates to face different difficulties in their life. It has quite an impressive and appealing look for the kids to be attracted.

7. Fake Jake:

10 top rated garbage pail kidsFake Jake was made by the makers of Cabbage Patch kids who are always on top because of their appealing design and engaging themes as well. Their designs are always altered and come with some change in their effect. Their visual style is also very impressive and is made with some mystery which is considered as the best disguise for the school kids. The character displayed on the cover card is quite appealing for the children who made it famous and successful among the children.

6. Midge Fridge:

top ten garbage pailMidge Fridge is quite latest garbage pail kids who are rendered on the theme of the non-human things and some common objects of the world. The creators of this card were absorbing and creative. The cover of this card features fridge which is designed to eat some midnight snack from it. It was launched with the series 8 in the whole world and was much loved by the people and guys there.

5. Jolted Joel:

10 top rated garbage pail kidsJolted Joel is the one who has given the title of a secret and launched three different sets of pail cards for the kids which are absorbing and pretty as well. The ideas of their cards are fascinating and fresh. It is a large puzzle which is to be solved with the help of these cards by bringing them together which is also an open game among the kids as kids loved puzzles. The characters are not much visible on the cover of the card but is kind of interesting one.

4. Dough Boyd:

best garbage pail kidsDough Boyd is the pail kid who was launched with the concept of Pillsbury Doughboy, which is a very unusual character. This character poops out amazing chocolate when his stomach is poked and is considered as the best concept ever launched in the world of pail kids of the world. It was entirely new one which was initiated in the seven series and has gained much popularity among the people and its cover completely depicts the whole theme and working of this pail.

3. Dead Ted:

10 best garbage pailDead Ted is the one which was the first series of pail kids ever launched in the world and was considered as perfect one. It gained much popularity as it was the first one and most nostalgic one. It was the perfect combination of art and was much different from others. It has an amazing background, best characters and amazing detailing. It has won millions of hearts all over the world, and guys were crazy to get them and feel some interesting things for them.

2. Hot Head Harvey:

best garbage pailHot Head Harvey is the pail kid who was introduced in 1980 and was made with some robots which were entirely new things in the market and for the kids as well. It was an excellent combination of beauty and intelligence which has never seen before in the world. It was launched in series 3 and was much popular among the people. At that time, robots are not much common so attracted people towards it because of this unique and exciting feature launched in it.

1. Adam Bomb/Blasted Billy:

best garbage pail in the worldAdam Bomb is named as the most important garbage pail kid who was made with entire five series and launched at different times of the year with various versions. It feature a single character and filled with much humor in it. If the person presses the button, a mushroom comes from the head like a cloud. It was created for the entertainment and laughter purpose of the people. It was the part of series one which was launched first in the world.

Best Garbage Pail Kids in the World

Sr No. Name
1 Adam Bomb/Blasted Billy
2 Hot Head Harvey
3 Dead Ted
4 Dough Boyd
5 Jolted Joel
6 Midge Fridge
7 Fake Jake
8 Smelly Kelly
9 Hollow Wayne
10 Cut-Up Carmen


Garbage pail kids are cards which are made especially for the entertainment of children and attract them. All these pail kids explained above are launched in different years for the kids and always come with some different ideas. Different concepts and characters were introduced for the appeal and attraction of not only children but also their parents as well. The unique things always attract people towards them especially kids who wanted to get some different experience.