Best Emergency Landings of Planes

People mostly travel to different countries in planes which is considered expensive way of traveling, airlines offer different classes according to the money paid to them and the luxuries needed by their customers in the plane. There are different types of planes available in the world which is continuously updated with latest features and facilities needed by the people and is made with further latest technology. Pilots are the most important part of planes which are very expert and also carry different critical situations in them easily with their intelligence and expertness. Aircraft run on different types of machinery which can be out of the system at any time and can harm the whole plane and an emergency landing is needed at that time. Many of the pilots of the world have done some emergency landings which have made them famous all over the world and have marked their history with their intelligence and expert decision which has saved the life of many people.
The following are top 10 best landings of pilots in the world which has amazed with the world with their intelligence:

10. Wing Walker:

List of Top Ten Best Emergency Landings of PlanesAlan McLeod was a Canadian pilot who was awarded the Victoria Cross during the World War I for his heroic landing during that time. It has flames during the Burning gas tank which had wound many people in it and managed to control the landing of the plane. One side of the plane was in flames during that time and as it reached the ground quick fire brigade was provided for the fire. He was still in the cockpit at the time of the fire and was then survived in this whole crash which has amazed the world.

9. Fill her Up:

Top Ten Best Emergency Landings of PlanesA professional aerobatic pilot called J.W Corkey was flying a small single seat plane of NASA in Washington D.C and was above 11,500 feet in the sky. Suddenly it has lost all the oil pressure in it which has completely shut down the engine and started gliding towards the ground. The traffic was also heavy at the airport which has created many problems in the landing, but the pilot has managed to land it on the runway in 20 minutes with much safe and sound.

8. On one wing and a prayer:

 Top Ten Best Emergency LandingsNegev Desert is the place of Israel where an Israeli air force pilot who was practicing an air combat with a large twin engine. He was much senior in his attitude and was named as the head in the plane. It has a fireball which the pilot has faced while flying it. He was much sure about the secure landing of this plane safely on the runway, and much fuel was pouring out of the plane which was very dangerous and can cause a fire in it. At that time plane was almost 20 feet above the earth level and has controlled it much safely.

7. When Throttles are your only flight control:

Top 10 Best Emergency Landings of PlanesIt is the story of Airbus A300 on the Baghdad international airport which was hit by the shoulder-fired missile and was named as the remarkable emergency landings of all times. It has the failure of 3 hydraulic systems in it which was almost 8000 feet above the earth and has faced fuel leakage and took 8 minutes to land on the runway. Before its landing, the engine of this plane stopped working, and much credit was given to the pilot for this emergency landing which has amazed the world.

6. Into the Rainforest:

List of Top 10 Best Emergency Landings of PlanesPilots have become heroes in different time periods of the world for doing some great work for the survival of planes and people in them. It is the story of a Brazilian airline called Varig in 1989 of Boeing 737 and has covered 200 miles towards its destination and was suddenly landed in the forests of Brazil. This emergency landing has taken the life of almost 13 people and has saved 41 people in this accident. The main problem in that plane was its fuel tank was empty and was landing was much needed.

5. The show must go on:

Top Five Best Emergency Landings of PlanesA pilot called William Reid was the player carrying a stock of bombs in it and during that journey some of them started bursting and also broker its windscreen as well. The pilot was also hit in his hands and shoulders. It caused much damage to the plane, and its oxygen system was also disabled in that and intercom was also not working. But then it was landed safely between the two rows of the runway safely, and the pilot was awarded the title of Victoria Cross.

4. Piggyback Anson’s:

Top 5 Best Emergency Landings of PlanesAvro Anson is the pilot carrying the plane with twin engines in the World War II and the whole sky was cloudless, and it started colliding in the vast which has created a problem for the pilot. Its landing was much difficult because of the whole situation, and the wings of the plane were also damaged. This landing was named as the biggest stunt by the pilot who controlled it and saved the life of all people in it and landed it on the runway safely.

3. The Gimli Glider:

Top Three Best Emergency Landings of PlanesThe famous Captain Robert Pearson was a Canadian pilot who was flying a Boeing 767, and suddenly the fuel of the plane got finished which has a much large range of flying. It has to land in an emergency because of some complications and speed in it which became harder to move further but the pilot didn’t panic in this critical situation and had tried to land it safely on the land and all the 61 passengers on this plane were landed safely which was an amazing thing in this whole incident.

2. Snapped Wing Spar:

Top 3 Best Emergency Landings of PlanesA British champion pilot called Neil Williams suddenly failed in the vertical dive of the plane. At that time, the plane was about to crash, and the pilot was going to die but by using the upper wing bolt he has managed to survive in it and also saved his life. Then its engine also failed which has created much more problems for the pilot, and the plane was landed safely on the land which was a big achievement of this pilot ever remembered in the world.

1. Navajo Save:

 Best Emergency Landing of PlaneAn air taxi pilot called Edward Wyer at the age of 45 was flying a plane towards Birmingham which has almost 7 passengers in it. When it has covered 40 miles towards the destination both of the engines of the plane stopped working and even the blades of the plane which has shocked the pilot with this and pilot started urgently for its landing which has become uncontrollable for the pilot even but has controlled it and landed it safely with all the safe passengers.

Best Emergency Landings of Planes – Top Rated List

Sr.No. Name
1 Navajo Save
2 Snapped Wing Spar
3 The Gimli Glider
4 Piggyback Ansons
5 The show must go on
6 Into the Rain forest
7 When Throttles are your only flight control
8 On one wing and a prayer
9 Fill her Up
10 Wing Walker


The above ranking of top 10 best emergency landings of all time is given according to the critical situations handled by the pilots during all these flights. Pilots are much expert and have handled with situations with their intelligence which has saved the life of many people and have also marked their names in the history of their intelligence and expert decisions during the time of critical situations.

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