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We all know that watches are used all over the world by the people. Some people are fond of timepieces and always wanted to buy expensive watches. There are many brands in the world which are making watches for the whole world like Rolex, Omega, and many others. All expensive and famous brands have some models that are known all over the world are famous for many years and are most loved by the people as well. Some most popular brands of timepieces do not change the shape of their models but introduce some innovations and features in their previous models which are the main attraction for the people. Some brands of timepieces are running for many generations and are considered their family brand as well. Some latest brands in the world are continuously introducing new models in the market according to new fashion, but most of the people still like to purchase all famous brands instead they are very expensive as well. In this list, we will include all those famous brands that have some strong historical background and are still produced in the world.
The following are top 10 best luxury watches in the world, which are as follow:

10. IWC Portuguese:

List of Top Ten Best and Luxurious Watches in the WorldIt is very famous and old name in terms of timepieces. In about 1930 on a ship, they decided to manufacture clocks to update themselves with the land. Then they identified the need for wrist watches to keep themselves updated all the time. Then they introduced wrist watches in a very precise wristwatch. Their timepieces come in different designs and styles as well. Now recently, they introduced large dial watches according to the latest trends of fashion. It also has Arabic numerals written on the. Their watches are considered as perfect. The normal price of their timepiece is almost $10,000.

9. Cartier Santos:

Top Ten Best and Luxurious Watches in the WorldThis brand was established by accident like a famous jewelry designer with his friend and was facing a difficulty of estimating time. After that, they realized the need for wrist watch not only for men but also for women as well. This brand has launched almost 100 designs till now while each one is different from other and Roman numerals are written in the. They also introduced sporty designs that are in latest fashion. The normal price of their timepieces is almost $6700.

8. Breitling Navitimer:

World Top Ten Best and Luxurious Watches in the WorldThis made takes the idea of making timepieces from pilot watches, and they adopted their strategy very quickly to lead the whole market. The designs of their timepieces are very different and have gained a very strong position in the market. This brand is usually regarded as expensive and luxurious brand in the world. It also offers many features in their watches like in-house movements and is considered as the most sold brand all over the world. The normal price of their timepieces is almost $9000.

7. Glalshutte Original Senator Navigator:

Top 10 Best and Expensive Watches in the WorldTheir timepieces are considered as the most stylish watches in the world. This brand has no identified owner who created it. Their watches are very difficult to find as most of their collection is always sold. Their designs are unique and beautiful as well, and their prices are also affordable as compared to all other brands. The normal price of their timepieces is almost $7000. Their designs are still considered as beautiful and are in high demand of people. This brand is mostly called a stylish brand of timepieces.

6. Tag Heuer Monaco:

Top 10 Expensive Watches in the WorldTag Heuer is very well known a brand and everyone is aware of its name. Their timepieces were launched in 1969. Their most famous model is square dial that is loved by the people. It was also shown in many films and used by famous celebrities as well which made it more popular in the world. Their latest design is launched in 2003 which was a big hit in the world. The normal price of their timepieces is almost $4500. Their whole design and shape are very beautiful and different as well which looks very fashionable.

5. Rolex DateJust:

Top Five Best and Luxurious Watches in the WorldRolex is very famous brand all over the world and most luxurious brand as well. Everyone in this world is well aware of its name. This watch datejust was launched in 1945 which was very beautiful and attractive as well. It is a very delicate brand, but their model is very practical. Their next model is launched with some further enhanced functions in 2009 which was also very successful. Their watch was seen in the world as most of the famous celebrities, and even president wore this watch as well which makes people awarer. The normal price of their timepieces is almost $9000. But it does not end here it has most expensive timepieces in the world as well which are also diamond studded.

4. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso:

Top 5 Best Watches in the WorldThis brand was launched in 1931 with its first model in the market. It started off making luxurious watches only for the high society of London. Its model was made with a rectangular dial that is made of pure metal. It was the most expensive and successful model of watch from last 20 years. Its design is very classy and is always in fashion. Their most of the designs are very different and stylish as well. The normal price of their watches is almost $10,000.

3. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak:

Top Three Best and Luxurious Watches in the WorldIt is very famous and successful brand in terms of watches. This brand introduces their first watch in the large market which made it more famous and was launched in 1972. Its price was very high than all other competitors because of the brand name and its style as well. The design of this watch was very different from the archetype and made with pure steel. It is now the major brand of watches in the whole world and most purchased as well. The normal price of their watches is almost $20,000.

2. Omega Speed Master:

Top 3 Luxurious Watches in the WorldOmega is a very famous brand for not only men watches but for women as well. It is made with latest technology that is the reason it is loved by the people. It has a very different look than all other brands. Their shape and design is unique and made with pure steel that raised its price. People mostly prefer this model of Omega because of its beautiful look. The normal price of their watches is almost $4500 to $9000.

1. Rolex Submariner:

Best and Luxurious Watch in the WorldRolex is the most expensive and luxurious watches brand in the world. This specific model was launched in 1954. It was very stylish sports watch with many latest features. It is the most popular model of this brand and successful as well. It is very durable and comfortable as well. It is not for some specific period as its style is always in fashion and loved by the people. This model is also enhanced with gold that increased its price. The normal price of their watches is almost $8,500.

List of Best and Luxurious Watches in the World:

Sr.No Names Price in Dollar $
1 Rolex Submariner 8500
2 Omega Speed master 4500-9000
3 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 20000
4 Jaeger- LeCoultre Reverso 10000
5 Rolex Datejust 9000
6 Tag Heuer Monaco 4500
7 Glashutte Original Senator Navigator 7000
8 Breitling Navitimer 9000
9 Cartier Santos 6700
10 IWC Portuguese 10000


We conclude that watches are used almost everywhere in the world, and almost everyone loves to wear it. Some people loved to wear luxurious and expensive watches to maintain their status and show off others. All these best watch brands are considered as lifetime as they will never out of fashion because of their beautiful design and styles. All these brands are still making latest models with new features, but all these are lifetime models.

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